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Mom tells Jang-mi that she’s already aware of everything that goes on in the family, and Jang-mi calls her a fool for putting up with it. Mom delivers a hard slap, though she’s frighteningly calm through all this, and softly tells Jang-mi to keep her mouth shut. Jang-mi finally finishes some time later, and jumps up to do an athletic victory dance. She’s impressively flexible, and her big finish leaves her staring upside-down and ass-first at pretty much the entire female population of Ki-tae’s family. Later, Jang-mi sits outside, doing all the cooking herself.

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We see things from their point of view most of the time, making us more likely to root for them. And usually they get sad backstory/character growth/redempting action/whatevah(insert ur choice here) along the way, so they get more likeable. I think whats nice about how his storyline developed was that he took ownership of his choices that night. If you’re going to get that drunk you have to be prepared to live with consequences you’ll regret.

Jang Mi turns towards a guilty looking Yeo Reum, who can’t even make eye contact with her, and asks if he did it on purpose. She asks why he did it but the answer’s obvious, because he likes her. I’m just so happy that this show remained true to itself until the end. And that they weren’t afraid to show the OTP kissing and touching like any normal couple (thanks cable!). One thing that hits me on this series is to appreciate all my loved ones for all their kinkiness, messiness and all their disorders since I for one is one…. Han Groo was a guest on an old episode of Strong Heart where she revealed she debuted at 4 years old and talked about her boss Joo Young Hoon.

I do not have time in my life to be obsessed with TWO dramas, yet here I am, mainlining Marriage Not Dating and High School King of Savvy like they’re a drug. After a long, long drama dry spell, this show gives me LIFE. It is hilarious, sweet, surprisingly realistic in its depiction of relationships, mature, zippy, fun, and the OTP is just perfect.

Marriage Not Dating

I agree with everything you’re saying (except for the YR part. I would be overjoyed if we never saw him again). But yes, KT is so much like his mother and will really have to work to overcome that (but he’ll first have to identify the behaviour) before he can be a truly worthwhile partner to anyone. I was fine with her, even after she “raped” hoondong.

Seeing her poor father lose his composure at the thought that the man he trusted with his daughter’s heart had hurt her was painful to watch. There’s nothing like daddy-daughter conflict to get me right in the gut, and I love Dad’s relationship with Ki-tae so much, so I’m hoping they find a way to be drinking buddies again soon. I actually think Ki-tae made a pretty big leap this episode too, because even though he’s known for some time that he has feelings for Jang-mi, I don’t think he truly understood what that meant. He thought that just saying, “I love you, let’s get hitched! ” would be enough to solve everything, but it’s not. His parents would still be a mess, her parents would still be estranged, and nothing would really change.

Grandma and Mi-jung are so angry at this that they can’t even speak and snarl-stomp out, and clueless Dad is all, “What did I do? ” Mom says he should sleep at home https://legitdatingsites.com/ from now on, since he’s suddenly so concerned about rumors. Maybe just go back to keeping your mouth shut… or you know, not being a cheating bastard works too.

Whatever, I just do not understand her (or SA or YR) at all. REALLY DON’T CARE. I like their relationship towards Ki-tae but that’s about the extent of it. They should have been sent to jail back when Jang-mi was 5 for mistreatment. The girl almost died because they abandoned her! I’m surprised she didn’t grow up even more messed up with an upbringing like that. Phones (credit buy) in korea are mostly sold under contract with a number, thats all i know.

When he asks for congratulations, Mom says he ought to congratulate her, so he starts in with the lip service of how he owes it all to her. He thanks her and she asks for something in return… a divorce. Having put the restaurant up for sale, Jang-mi’s dad is pretty drunk on soju by the time they find him, and he roars at Ki-tae for having the nerve to show up here. Ki-tae stammers that he’s dating Jang-mi, which enrages Dad even further, and he shoves Ki-tae against the wall yelling at him for hanging around his daughter but not intending to marry her.

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Billy Stanhope (Patton Oswalt, season 9–10), Walden’s business partner and frenemy. Walden and Billy have a love-and-hate relationship, and even though they don’t realize it, they’re probably best friends. In season nine, after years of not speaking to each other, Walden and Billy start their business back up again and work together on a project they call the “electronic suitcase”. In Billy’s next appearance, he reveals that he has been seeing Walden’s ex-wife, Bridget.