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He will most likely welcome a person asking how they are feeling and if anything is wrong. They tend to think too much and so often need an outlet for their internal monologue. A Gemini man who does not make an effort to make you happy or even see you is most likely losing interest in a relationship with you. However, their behavior will vary from Gemini to Gemini, depending on which Gemini traits are strongest within them.

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If you are going to chase after him then you are just going to put him off. Truly there is nothing scarier than a potentially dangerous man. Just watch the red flags and you’ll know what type of Gemini you’re dealing with. Anything can distract this guy which will make you unable to really rely on him and even more difficult for him to be predicted as far as his moods go. Not all Gemini men are horror stories, so I don’t want to paint that picture for you. He should not work in a field where diligence, extreme discipline, and attention to detail are of paramount importance.

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But remember that if your Sun signs aren’t “compatible,” it doesn’t mean you’re doomed! The rest of your charts might be a better fit, and if not, astrological tension sometime equates to sexual tension, in the best way. Earth signs, like Virgo, like stability Pernals and habit – a Gemini doesn’t know of these things. Even further, Virgo is known to be a control-freak, really big on planning and lists and perfectionism. A micromanaging Virgo will struggle to embrace the free, imaginative nature of a Gemini.

Sadly, this could mean he won’t understand you when you get emotional. This is the guy you can take home to meet your family. They’ll love him and likely give you thumbs up.

Not only will you get to learn more about each other, but you will also create a bond that will connect the two of you. If you have trouble striking up a conversation, talk about everything from current events, sports, movies, politics, music, and history. Keep asking questions until something bites. When you see him getting passionate about a topic, you know you’ve got him. The truth of the matter is that a Gemini man may get bored with you after time.

Travel is in my blood from parents who adopted me. Have two adult children who have their own.. I’m an educated witty pretty 40 year old who looks in my 30’s. Looking to meet friends and a potential mate. Gemini men struggle with being ignored because they are naturally sociable people who like to be with others. They also hate to feel like they have done something wrong that could have hurt a person they love.

Are Gemini Men Controlling?

The two are always intrigued by one another and can never get bored of each other. Since they value communication so highly, dating a Gemini man experience includes him talking to you, a LOT. Double texting, freaking out when you don’t reply or constantly asking you about your day are some things you can expect from your Gemini boyfriend. This glorious zodiac sign has a lot to offer in relationships from their quick wit and charm to their communicative and deeply intelligent side. If you are indeed dating a Gemini man, he may not be Chris Evans, but rest assured that you’ve scored a total package.

In most cases, you’ll develop a clear understanding of what’s occupying his time and why he’s ignoring you. From there, you can implement the best strategy to turn things around. Dating a Gemini Man can be challenging in your first relationship, but it will become something amazing once you understand each other. So, let patience carry until the day everyone is comfortable with each other.

What To Remember About Gemini Men

Most people check their phones throughout the day. It’s a sign he’s not super serious about your relationship if he’s always taking hours or even days to respond to your texts. When a Gemini man is serious about someone, they’re usually very dependable and you’ll hear from them often. Loveawake.com has one of the best matchmaking technologies in its class and uses entertaining features and one-on-one messaging. You can ‘My Match’ to find the best local members for you and try out all the great features that help you to meet other Michigan members really easily. You can even see who is writing mail or wink to you.

These mood swings can happen suddenly and without much warning, but the good news is, a Gemini doesn’t stay down for long. Just be prepared for the lows that come with the frequent highs. So there you have the general lowdown on Gemini and Leo zodiac signs. Now I want to focus on specific male and female attributes and characteristics. A Gemini man is likely to be seduced by an Aries woman’s passionate, strong willed and confident nature. He doesn’t need to be in charge and is happy to let her take the lead in the bedroom.

As you’ll find out in Gemini Man Secrets, these Mercury natives can be a walking contradiction and require a different sort of approach than you’re probably used to. He just isn’t one to wear his emotions on his sleeve—he’s actually pretty good at hiding them. Overall, however, the Gemini man is a clever and lively guy who can bring light, laughter and joy into your life. Ruled by the planet Mercury, the planet of communication, Geminis are born with the gift of gab and are some of the best conversation companions.