Why Do People Play Mind Games? 3 Reasons For This Confusing Behavior

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If this is the situation you’re in, just pull back a bit and see what he does. There is no better indication of how a man feels than how he behaves when he thinks he may lose you. Dr. Jeffrey Bernstein is a psychologist with over 25 years of experience specializing in child, adolescent, couples, and family therapy. He holds a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from the State University of New York at Albany and completed his post-doctoral internship at the University of Pennsylvania Counseling Center. He has appeared on the Today Show, Court TV as an expert advisor, CBS Eyewitness News Philadelphia, 10!

They miss having control

You wait for his call or message, but it is as if he has vanished into thin air. You see that he is active on Facebook, but still not replying to your messages. You try to call him, but he doesn’t answer your calls. You keep on wondering if you did something wrong to hurt him on the last date.

They make you feel jealous

Maybe he says you’re the reason he’s distant or that you’re too needy. He may even try to convince you that it’s your fault he’s not committing. If they’re still up, it means he’s not serious about you and is considering meeting other women online. If you’re always the one who contacts a guy first or plans the dates, that’s not a good sign. A guy who is interested in dating you will make it very clear that he likes you and wants to get to know you better.

Also, they always find a way to compare you with their exes in a conversation or an argument. Such a situation may force you to defend yourself endlessly and explain what’s going on to them. If you’re the only one investing in the relationship, you need to ask yourself whether she wants to be with you or not.

Also that we study the female mind and how to manipulate it to improve our relationships. You could never hear such a woman say she had a hand in the failure of her past relationships and everything wrong with the current relationship is her boyfriend’s fault. God help him if he actually does something terrible like look at another woman. He’d be atoning for it for the rest of his life because everything that goes wrong after that would be because of it.

Beat him at his own game.

Sometimes, she just needs some me-time to remember who she is. Speaking of their anxiety and perfectionist tendencies, the Virgo girl will second-guess everything in the dating game. They might suggest something, but then backtrack and ask if their SO is okay with their decision.

We tease and taunt to see how far he’s willing to go before he breaks. Women play mind games when they are trying to be cool but also want a relationship with a guy. You don’t want to come on too strong, so he doesn’t see you as needy or desperate. However, I know a lot of women are tired of just going with the flow, https://hookupgenius.com/ and would rather have you define the relationship. Instead of focusing on how hard it is to understand women, focus on how to make yourself more confident and emotionally and sexually attractive to women. Women will always play mind games on us, but if you are confident about yourself, you will always have control.

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There are a lot of complicated feelings that come after a breakup. You might wish they’d just come to you and tell you how they feel, but since they’re so conflicted, it would make sense that they’re displaying some hot and cold behavior towards you. Most men hate feeling vulnerable and exposed, so they may play games to protect themselves. He might play games to avoid deep conversations about emotions and feelings that make him uncomfortable. Guilt-tripping is another classic game men play in relationships.

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